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    Corporate Culture


    To be recognized as an international technology company, making manufacturing easier and work life better.



    Delighting customers with reliable & cost effective automation solutions through continuous innovation and operation excellence.  


    Core Values

    Technology: Colibri has maintained, and plans to continue, a leadership position in automation and machining. We believe this is because of our strong basis that focuses on a competent research and development team. This means our customers can enjoy the benefits of innovative solutions and customized precision machines.

    Quality: Colibri is driven by an endless pursuit of quality. We believe that to achieve sustainable development, we must constantly deliver products with outstanding performance, and that our ability to provide efficient and high quality solutions distinguishes us from our competition.

    Integrity: Colibri never compromises on integrity at any stage of the development process. We believe that integrity is the key to long-term business partnership and the way for us to earn the respect and trust of our partners and our customers.

    People-oriented management: Colibri organises regular training and assessments of our employees so that we can build an excellent team and ensure that our employees continue to grow, and enjoy growing with our company.

    Mutual benefits: Finally, Colibri firmly believes that collective achievements and interests are the cornerstone to success and strives to maintain than anything that benefits our clients also benefits the company. 

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