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    PIAI Setting up in April 2018

    Writer:colibriNumber of visits: Date:2018-06-14 15:05

     Philippines Innorev Automation Inc. was setting up in April 2018. The process of setting up of PIAI was begun in earnest in November 2017.

    The PEZA board resolution approving our application was granted in April 2018. Further to this we also signed the Registration Agreement with PEZA. The Director General of PEZA, the honorable BGen. Charito B. Plaza (AFPR) MNSA, PhD signed and presented the Certificate of Registration on behalf of the government agency to Philippines Innorev Automation Inc.

    PIAI will focus on software design and development in support of company operation initially and also offer in country on site support to our esteemed customers who have operations in the Philippines.




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