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    Focusing on Advanced Manufacture and Joining CIIF 2018 with Colibri

    Writer:colibriNumber of visits: Date:2018-09-11 16:00

    The most prestigious exhibition – CIIF will hold on Sep 19th 2018 to Sep 23th in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. The products and equipment of Colibri will be on the display.

    Colibri invite you to visit us in 7.1H exhibition hall booth No. A109.


    Highlight One:Colibri & Innorev the dual-brand will be on the show

    Colibri Technology & Innorev mainly focus on research and design, production, sales, technical service of automation equipment and machining. Our products include automation testing and assembly equipment, accessories and machining parts. The two brands Colibri Technology and Innorev both belong to Colibri. Furthermore, Innorev will debut its Automated Optical Inspection equipment.

    Highlight Two:Sorting Line + AIR mobile robot  share the beauty of logistics in the future

    Cooperative work between Linear Modular Sorting System and AIR mobile robot is highlight of exhibits. The Sorting system can adapt to various small and medium-sized sorting scene. It is low-cost, efficient, easy and quick setting. The system can also connect to ERP and MES system which achieve the digitization, networking and intellectualization.

    Highlight Three: Stair Robot

    Since the Stair Robot showed in the CIIF 2017, it appealed the public attention. The Stair Robot can help the operator handling the goods interfloor efficiently and safely. The application scenarios could be logistics, home appliances delivery, barreled water lifting and material transmission. It can help to solve the problem of heavy goods interfloor handling.

    Highlight Four: Intelligent Manufacturing Information System

    Enhancing the connection between intelligent manufacturing system and automation equipment, Colibri improves the integration of informatization and automation. Colibri intelligent information system achieve the control of man, machine, material, quality by sharing information with ERP system and other automatic control system.

    Highlight Five: High speed and high precision industrial robot

    Colibri has rich experience in industrial robot calibration method, vision localization, motion control and reliability. We achieves the integration of motion control and machine vision, the application of low-cost and high-precision robot by technology integration. This has been widely used in Intelligent Terminal, Green Energy automation testing and assembly line.

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