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    Colibri technologies specialized in providing integrated automation solutions for E-cigarette POD Assembly, Testing, Consulting, R&D which includes traditional mini and standard size cigarettes, tobacco products with filtration assembly, atomizer, cartridge, battery assembly, flow testing, air tightness test, burn in test and a series of functional tests and AOI. We are the leader in E-cigarette industry with technical expertise in R&D with ability to support the ramp up within short lead time and have strong collaboration with world top notch E-cigarette customer. Our in depth knowledge and know how in automation for this new E-cigarette industry has help our customer to achieve 5 millions E-cigarette POD per day. As an E-cigarette automation specialist, we are able to provide multiple and complex options and value-added solutions in meeting our customer’s requirement and ROI which meet /or exceeded our customer’s expectation.                            


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