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    Clean Energy

    Colibri specialises in research and development, and manufacturing of automated production equipment for lithium batteries, including those used in consumer electronics and automotive products. We specialise in rechargeable batteries for greener energy consumption.  The manufacturing process for lithium batteries is very involved and consists of many steps, however, we still produce over 300 automated lithium battery machines a year. With our extensive experience and accumulation of technology in the field of lithium batteries, We are also able to customise the dimensions of the products based on customers’ requirements to save on production space. Colibri can provide solutions to customers that can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance product quality.


    3-in-1 Lithium Battery Cutting, Trimming and Forming Machine


    Battery Assembly Line



    Precision Machining



    Critical Technical Parameters:
    1. Tolerances for linear dimension, ture position, flantness, parallelism, perpendicularity, symmetry & profile fall within 1.5 microns.

    2. During assembly, more than 70+ high precision machined parts require a tolerance within 2 microns.

    3. Machining Processes: CNC, Grinding, Lathe, EDM, Wire-Cut, Jig Grinding, Optic Projector Grinding.

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