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    Automated Testing and Assembly Equipment

    Category Description :

    Colibri has extensive practical and technical experience in machine vision, optics, testing and motion control, including micro-force, micro-distance and surface measurements, as well as high-speed online precision imaging. With our technical competency and strong system integration capacity, we can provide our customers with diverse, customized solutions that cater to different cost and precision requirements.


    Since its founding, Colibri has make huge investments on the accumulation of technology and improving R&D capabilities.Colibri has an experienced R&D team comprising mechanical, electrical, optics, software and automation engineers. In addition, our advance production facilities and full supply chain coverage enable us to provide a series of solutions that address the testing needs of different industries. Our extensive professional experience has earned the support and recognition of domestic and international customers in the field of automated assembly and functional testing. At the same time, we have also developed a series of standard testing equipment that has garnered high acclaims from our customers.


    Colibri has a professional R&D team that is supported by state-of-the-art technology development centers. Our automated systems are applicable for many industries including, Communications, HDD, Medical, Automotive and Electronics.


    With requirements on production and testing becoming more stringent and as the need for automation continues to grow, Colibri has successfully provided our customers with numerous automated testing solutions. These solutions have helped our customers achieve high quality control through precise, fast and efficient test results, while reducing manpower costs. In addition, to serve our customers around the world better, Colibri has set up sales and technical service points in the US, Singapore and Hong Kong and built plants in Chengdu, Suzhou and Thailand so that customers in these regions can enjoy stable service support and timely solution tracking.

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