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    Precision Machining, Tool and Die

    Category Description :

    Since its founding, Colibri has been importing advanced machining and testing equipment from countries like Germany, Switzerland and Japan, including 149 CNC machining centers (including Roders and Okuma), 3 CNC Turning Centers, 1 Hauser Jig Grinder, 16 Wire-Cut Machine, 5 Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), 14 Nikon Projector, 19 Trimos Height Gauge, 11 Sink-Electric Discharge Machine, 38 Cylindrical Grinder and 29 Milling Machine. Besides having these resources available, in the field of precision parts, tools and dies, Colibri can also count on our extensive machine processing and assembly experience and accumulation of technology. Our precision equipment, such as wire cutters, slow wire formers, honing machines and grinders, can achieve a precision of +/-3um. Colibri can also rely on our strong team of experienced operators and inspectors. Around 60% of our employees have at least 5 years of experience or more. In addition, Colibri has also established strict quality control systems that monitor the entire production process, IPQC processes and products before they are shipped. With ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, we are proven to be capable for providing high quality products, creating with our extensive technical knowledge and complete quality control system, that can satisfy the needs of our customers.


    Our precision parts, tools and dies are applicable for many different industries, including communications, HDD, automotive and medical. Colibri can respond to the requests of customers in different regions quickly and resolve their issues in the shortest time.

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