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    Technical Team


            Colibri has dedicated laboratories for R&D work. Currently, we have four laboratories including Electronics, Mechanical, Optics and Reliability.

            Colibri is on a constant pursuit of advance and innovative technologies. With the establishment of the laboratories, we have made huge investments in large precision equipment which enable us to build strong research, development and testing competencies. As a result, we can provide domestic and international customers with great technologies and support.

            The Electronics Laboratory is designed for safety test, ESD test, conventional tests, and digital/RF/microwave circuit tests.

            The Mechanical Laboratory is designed for tension, compression and torsion tests, micro structure observations, high-speed imaging, engineering vibration analysis and simulations.

            The Optical Laboratory is designed for glossiness, luminance, optical density and evenness tests, spectrum, reflectance and transmittance analysis of optical material, image quality inspection, and laser distance measurement.

            The Reliability Laboratory is designed for high and low temperature tests, drop tests, mechanical shock tests, aging tests, and EMI/ESD resistance tests.


            Some major instruments and equipment:




    Logic Analyzer

    Spectrum Analyzer

    Network Analyzer




    Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber Vibration Testing System



            Since building a SolidWorks R&D management platform in 2015, Colibri has completed the training, integration and launch of several modules (EPDM, Simulation, Electrical, Composer, Inspection, MBD) to significantly increase the standard and efficiency of R&D management.





            Colibri has 5 technology centers and 1 group technical center. Our professional R&D team consists hundreds of R&D professionals with field of study ranging from precision machinery, electronics, software, automated control and image processing. Over the years, Colibri has amassed extensive experiences and strong R&D capabilities. We are a leader in automated equipment and parts research. In recent years, we have increased our R&D investments and have spent over RMB600 million in this area.




            In recent years, Colibri has included the development of proprietary intellectual properties in its business development plan.




            Colibri built the Shenzhen R&D Center of Precise Automation Test in 2013 with approval from Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council. The approval for the project shows that our automated precision testing standard is of leading domestic and international standards.

            Colibri built Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory in 2015 with approval from Shenzhen Municipal Commission of Development and Reform. With the establishment of this laboratory, Colibri has increased our investments in the automated production of smart front-end production machines for Industry 4.0, and created an engineering simulation and digital precision control platform.

            In addition, Colibri partnered HIT Shenzhen Graduate School to set up Colibri Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base in June 2015 with approval from Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, establishing a postdoctoral work management system as a result. Since then, we have actively worked with relevant universities and research institutes to recruit postdoctoral researchers. As of now, the Colibri Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base has with 3 doctorate degree researchers. The base will lay a solid foundation for nurturing of academic talents.

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